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Tuition - Tier Pricing

Realizing that families have differing abilities to meet the costs of our program, SEEK offers a tiered tuition program.  This is a voluntary system:  you have the freedom to pick the tier that is most comfortable or affordable for your family.   All students receive the same care and instruction, regardless of the tuition tier chosen.   

Tier 1 :   $384 for the first student, and $354 for the second child, and $334 for each additional child in the family.   This tier represents our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the full operating cost of SEEK.

Tier 2 :   $445 for the first student, $415 for the second, and $395 for each additional child in the family.  This tier represents a partially subsidized fee.

Tier 3 :   $506 for the first student, $476 for the second child, and $456 for each additional child. This tier more closely reflects the actual operating cost of a SEEK term, including materials costs, staff salaries, and fees to the 4-H Center.

A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit per student is required at the time of your online registration.  Your remaining balance is payable online, by credit card or e-check.   Different payment schedules are available.  Payments made after November 1, 2022 are non-refundable.

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