SEEK - 1st & 2nd Grade Curriculum

2022-23 Offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Note: This course rotates curriculum every year so students can take the course more than once. 

The main topics covered this year are:

  • Our Earth Our Home
  • Let's go Underground
  • Wetlands and Wetland Wildlife
  • Forest and Friends
  • Prairie Habitat and Wildlife
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Taking Care of our Land

1st & 2nd Grade Curriculum Outline

2022 - 2023

Week 1: Introduction Activities 

Introduction games, classroom rules, schedule, nature hike, facility tour, nature activity. 

Week 2: Our Earth, Our Home 

Discover Earth's history by looking at fossils, volcanoes, glaciers, caves, oceans and various land formations. 

Week 3: Let's go Underground! 

Learn how caves are created and who lives there. Have you ever seen a bat?

Week 4: Wetlands and Wetland Wildlife 

Discover the wonderful world of wetlands. Meet the only animal who can create a habitat. 

Week 5: Forest and Friends 

Explore the forest and the wildlife who live there. The featured animal this week is a bear! 

Week 6: Prairie Habitat and Wildlife 

Discover what a prairie is and get to know the animals who live there. Birds are the featured animals this week. 

Week 7: Creatures of the Night 

We will learn about nocturnal animals, who they are, and what they do to survive. 

Week 8: Taking Care of Our Land 

What do we eat? Wheres does that food come from? We will learn about out environment and spend the day being a farmer or a rancher. 

Week 9 and 10: It's All About Stewardship 

How do we take care of the Earth? Hike the un-nature trail and learn about recycling. 

Week 11: Our Earth, Our Home (What Have We Learned?)

What is pollution? We will learn about how pollution affects the land, wildlife, and humans. 

Week 12: Graduation!

Lots of fun activities! (It's a secret). 

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