4-H Plant and Animal Science

4-H Plant and Animal Science

Arkansas 4-H has many programs to offer members interested in the areas of plant and animal science. There are programs ranging from Wildlife Habitat Education, Veterinary Science, and even Equine. 4-H members interested in one of the programs below should contact their local county Extension office for more information! 

Plant and Animal Science Programs

Wildlife Habitat Education Program

Are you interested in learning about wildlife?  The 4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program (WHEP) is a 4-H youth natural resource program dedicated to teaching wildlife management to Cloverbud, Junior and Senior level (ages 5 - 19) youth in Arkansas.  Nationally, WHEP has earned a solid reputation for being a 4-H program that fosters relationships between youth, professional wildlife and fisheries biologists, agents, volunteers, parents, teachers, and farmers.   Participants learn essential life skills such as oral and written communication and decision-making.  Youth strengthen their self-concept and character through interaction with peers and professionals from Arkansas and different parts of the country.

Food Plot Project

The 4-H Food Plot Project provides an opportunity for Arkansas Junior and Senior 4-H members to demonstrate their skills with preparing, establishing, maintaining, and observing a small wildlife food plot using provided seed for the purpose of food and cover establishment for wildlife. This project applies STEM through hands-on activities. This Food Plot project is intended to introduce youth to ecology concepts and habitat practices for wildlife. Food plots are only a small part of a comprehensive wildlife habitat plan. Other practices such as establishing native plants, thinning forests, prescribed burning, building brush piles, and controlling invasive plants and animals are examples of additional practices. For the 4-H Wildlife Food Plot project, participants submit written, photo, and video evidence demonstrating knowledge gained and field activities. All Junior and Senior 4-H members ages 9 to 19 are eligible.

Wildlife Workshops and Field Days

Find wildlife learning opportunities for youth.

The goal of the program is to teach decision making skills to 4-H and other youth in grassland resource management.  The objective is to develop a 4-H contest that integrates the subjects of pastures, livestock, soils, wildlife, and plant identification to teach students an overall awareness of proper grassland management. This program is based on a classroom curriculum that can be taught in sections. The program includes a contest in which students are challenged to put their curriculum training into practice.

Find out more about the Arkansas 4-H Grassland Evaluation Contest

Five district horse shows and a state horse show are conducted each year. Forty-two 4-H members and their horses compete in the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships along with a horse judging team and four public speakers. An Arkansas 4-H Horse Conference is conducted in March for 4-H youth, volunteer leaders, parents and county faculty on horse health, training, nutrition, selection and safety. Specialist works with county agents in conducting county programs on horse care and training.

2019 Arkansas 4-H Horse Project Opportunities

Find out more about the 4-H Horse program in Arkansas here!

Arkansas is proud to have an active, successful, and nationally-recognized youth development and educational 4-H livestock program. The Arkansas 4-H livestock program teaches skills to youth who carry them throughout their adult lives. 4-H'ers learn to make decisions, keep records, manage money, take responsibility, manage time, communication skills and many other important life skills through participation in livestock judging programs, livestock skillathon events, quiz bowls, camps, public speaking events, and livestock projects.

Find out more about the Arkansas 4-H Livestock program here!

Veterinary science is a branch of medicine concerned with the health of animals and the treatment of disease or injuries that affect them. It takes much more than just the love of animals to succeed in the veterinary field! The Arkansas 4-H Veterinary Science Program offers real-world science-related career exploration for youth between the ages of 5 and 19. 

Find out more about the Arkansas 4-H Veterinary Science program here! 

Many youth in Arkansas are involved in 4H poultry projects or poultry showmanship. Poultry youth activities continue to increase as more and more youth become interested in keeping and exhibiting poultry. Extension personnel conduct workshops for 4H and youth interested in poultry selection, judging, and showmanship.

Find out more about the Arkansas 4-H Poultry Science program here!

The rabbit is an excellent small livestock project for 4H. Arkansas country agents and extension specialists are available to provide information regarding the husbandry, care, and diseases of rabbits.

Find out more about the Arkansas 4-H Rabbit program here!

Sheep & Goats Youth care for live animals while learning about animal health and nutrition, breeding, selection and marketing. In either the 4-H Sheep or Goat projects individuals learn decision making, record keeping, responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership. They may participate in market projects, breeding projects and non-competitive projects.

Sheep & Goat Resources 

Participants learn proper methods of selecting, feeding, raising, breeding and marketing swine. Either market or breeding animals can be raised.

Arkansas 4-H Swine Resources

Forestry Contest

Do you like being outside in the woods?  Are you interested in learning how to identify  and measure trees? If so, the 4-H Forestry Contest might be just the thing for you! Each year, 4-H'ers participate in the State 4-H Forestry Contest.  Junior and Senior 4-H members can compete. The objectives of the Arkansas 4‑H Forestry Contest are to provide the opportunity for 4‑H'ers from all counties to develop leadership, appreciate the need and importance of conserving natural resources, learn and understand practical forestry skills.

The contest is a competitive event designed to help 4‑H'ers develop their knowledge of and skills in forestry and natural resources management.  Teams of three or four 4-H'ers from each county compete in five forestry events. The Senior Winning Team will represent Arkansas at the National 4‑H Forestry Invitational at Jackson's Mill State 4‑H Camp in Weston, West Virginia.

Find out more about about the Arkansas 4-H Forestry Contest here!

Plant and Animal Science Projects

Projects in this area include: 

  • Cattle (Beef & Dairy)
  • Goats (Dairy & Meat)
  • Horse
  • Livestock Skills
  • Meat Science
  • Pets
  • Poultry
  • Rabbits
  • Sheep
  • Swine
  • Veterinary Science

Projects in this area include:

  • Agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Soils & Crops


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