Arkansas 4-H Hall of Fame

The Arkansas 4-H Hall of Fame recognizes truly outstanding 4-H Teen Stars who have achieved at the highest level and have contributed to making Arkansas 4-H a dynamic and well-known organization. Applications can be submitted by the 4-H'er (or former 4-H'er) or County Extension staff. The application must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from their county extension staff. Complete applications are due on March 15 or the first business day following to the 4-H state office.


  • Be an Arkansas 4-H Teen Star. 
  • Be at least a high school senior at the time of nomination. 4-H'ers may be nominated two additional years after their last year of 4-H eligibility. This means that 4-H members who have had their 19th birthday in the current year end 4-H eligibility on December 31, but will be eligible for Hall of Fame nomination the next March 15, and the following March 15. 
  • Be a 4-H member who has been active and has achieved at the highest level in the club, county, and state. National achievements are not a requirement but will be considered.
  • Be a 4-H member who has used personal 4-H accomplishments to help others achieve. 
  • Be a 4-H member who has provided outstanding leadership to 4-H and made significant contribution to the 4-H program at the club, county, and state level.
  • Be a 4-H member who has shown a strong commitment to 4-H.
  • Be a 4-H member who has never been found in violation of the Arkansas 4-H Code of Conduct by the Review Board.

Hall of Fame Information Sheet

Hall of Fame Application

2021 Inductee

Zarah Dean, Franklin CountyHeadshot of Zarah Dean

As a member of Franklin County 4-H for 10 years, Zarah has become a leader in not only the 4-H program, but across the county as well. Zarah represents Arkansas 4-H in various local, state, and national events. She is currently serving as the 2020-2021 Arkansas 4-H Reporter. She has been able to attend the 2019 National Healthy Living Summit and the 2020 Southern Regional Teen Leader Conference where she gained knowledge and skills to utilize in Arkansas and her county.Zarah’s artistic ability is a way that she reaches out to those around her. She was passionate about community service and directed with confidence including organizing with local government officials. As a member of the video crew, Zarah has been able to learn new skills to implement throughout different aspects of her life!Zarah is passionate to overcome health issues and persists through difficult times. She is described to have an outstanding strength of character. She approaches challenges and tasks with positive attitude and is a pleasure to be around!

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