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We offer programs for kids of all ages, beginning at 5 years old. Follow the simple steps below to become a 4-H member and find your place within this organization, your community, and your state! 


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Your local County Extension Office   can help you find a club that is right for you! There are 4-H programs in all 75 counties in Arkansas, you can be involved in a community club, a project club, afterschool clubs, in-school clubs, or a SPIN club - the options are bountiful!

Arkansas Extension Office List - By County

Find a 4-H Project

Youth enrolled in 4-H are required to have a project which gives them the opportunity to learn skills in everything from Agriculture and Arts to Science, Wildlife, and Veterinary Sciences. Youth are encouraged to work on projects in 4-H to develop life skills, hone their talents, and gain new experiences. With over 50 projects to choose from, Arkansas youth have opportunities to grow in their knowledge while having fun experiences with their friends and families. 

How to choose your 4-H project:

  • Select a project that you are interested in. 
  • Consider the amount of time the project will take, do you have that time to devote?
  • Consider the space and equipment that your project requires, do you have adequate space and/or the equipment needed?
  • Your 4-H project should be fun, serve a purpose, and be worth the effort that you put in. 

Check out all of the 4-H projects offered to see what will be a fit for you!

Enroll in 4-H

Enrollment in the Arkansas 4-H program is free! Once enrolled, your local County Extension Office will be notified, from there you can become involved in your community, county, and beyond. 


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