Governor's Award

Arkansas 4-H Governor's Award

About the Award

The Arkansas 4-H Governor's Award was instituted in 1983 and was designed to recognize one outstanding Arkansas 4-H member each year. This award is available only to former state 4-H Record Book winners. This prestigious award is based upon a current year's 4-H Record Book and the Governor's Award application. The finalists will each receive a silver bowl or crystal vase. The Arkansas 4-H Governor's Award recipient is presented a silver tray and a $1,000 scholarship (pending funding). The recipient is named at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony in July.


  • Only former state advanced Record Book winners will be considered in the selection process. In order to receive the Governor's Award, he or she must complete the Governor's Award Report Form below. 

  • Former state Record Book winners must submit a current Record Book with the Governor's Award Application and two recommendation letters. The application form should be clipped to the inside front cover of the Record Book. All other sections of the Record Book will remain the same as for state judging. The Arkansas 4-H Record Book Form need only cover the years since the 4-H member was named a state Record Book winner but may include a 4-Her's entire work. The recipient of the Governor's Award must never have been found in violation of the Arkansas 4-H Code of Conduct by the Review Board and suspended for any period of time from 4-H district and state activities and may receive this award only once. 

  • Updated Record Books, with the Governor's Award Report Form, and two letters of recommendation should be submitted to the state 4-H office by February 1st or the Monday after if it falls on a weekend. These materials are due prior to that date in the local county Extension office. 

  • The recipient of the Governor's Award must have had his or her 14th birthday and is eligible to apply annually on February 1st until the year after their 19th birthday. For example, if a 4-H member has their 19th birthday on December 31 of the current year, they will be eligible to apply for the Governor's Award the following February 1 only.

The Form

Governor's Award Report Form - Fillable PDF

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