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About Us

Arkansas 4-H Center Programs 

Arkansas 4-H Center Programs deliver fun, educational programs for all ages and backgrounds. The 4-H Center’s natural beauty is the perfect place to learn environmental education, team building, leadership, camping, outdoor recreation and more from our University of Arkansas System facilitators. Keep scrolling to find the program that best fits your needs! The Arkansas 4-H Center, also known as the Vines Center, is located in central Arkansas in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. 


Shannon Caldwell - 4-H Center Program Director

Shannon Caldwell- 4-H Center Program Director

Shannon joined the 4-H Center Program team in 1998. Her bachelor's degree is in Elementary Education and her master's degree is in Rhetoric, Writing, & Communication. Shannon loves all things camp and nature related. She enjoys nature photography, international travel, being a Master Gardener, and walking at least 1 mile a day. Shannon brings two decades of Extension experience, logic, and an eye for detail to the program team. 


Creenna Bocksnick - Arkansas 4-H Camping Coordinator

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Creenna began her work with our programs in 2014 after several years of teaching Agriculture Education. Creenna has her bachelor's and master's in Agriculture and Extension Education from the University of Arkansas. Fun Fact: Creenna grew up in 4-H and met her husband Jesse Bocksnick (4-H Outdoors Skills Coordinator) during this time. Creenna serves as a national resource for 4-H Camping and Environmental Education. Creenna adds camping expertise, creativity, logic, and a passion for 4-H to the team. 



Eric De Vries headshot

Eric De Vries - Arkansas Outdoor School Coordinator 

Eric spent 5 years facilitating ExCEL programs, the next 10 years with the Arkansas Game and Fish Education Division, then returned to our programs as the AOS coordinator in 2014. Eric holds a Political Science bachelor's, from Hendrix, and a master's in Public Administration from UA Little Rock. Eric grew up in Tanzania camping in the Serengeti. Eric has been married to his wife, Kristi, for over 20 years and has three great kids. Eric provides programs with a lifetime of outdoor knowledge, a great sense of humor, and calm leadership in times of stress. 


Taylor Knox - ExCEL Leadership Program Coordinator

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Taylor began his career with programs in 2015. Taylor received his bachelor's in Science Education, from UCA, and his master's in Curriculum and Instruction, from UA Little Rock. Taylor grew up ten minutes from the 4-H Center and drove by it every day going to school. Taylor and his wife Darby have a fun energetic golden retriever named Chipper. Taylor adds  a positive attitude, can-do spirit, and the ability to "see the big picture" to the program staff. 



Lane Fritch - 4-H Center Programs FacilitatorLane Fritch headshot

Lane Fritch joined the team in February 2022.  Lane is a former Benton County 4-H Member, State 4-H Officer, 4-H Camp Counselor, and 4-H Camps Summer Intern.  Lane earned her BA in Psychology from Henderson State University in 2021. Lane has a passion for photography, which she used to initiate a photography camp. Her flair for creative expression extends beyond this, encompassing a multitude of skills including leatherworking, resin art, and various other creative endeavors. These diverse talents significantly enhance the value of the camps.



Roanna Wilson

Roanna Wilson - 4-H Center Programs Facilitator

Roanna’s journey with Arkansas 4-H Center Programs began in 2003 as a seasonal employee and transitioned to a full-time position in 2022. She has a bachelor’s degree in Education and has over 30 years of formal and informal educational experience. Roanna and her husband, Steve, have been married for 31 years. They have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. They are currently pursuing a small family farm lifestyle, as Roanna describes herself as a "wanna-be" homesteader. We as the staff of Arkansas 4-H Center Programs can tell you that she's the closest thing to a real-life Little House on the Prairie character that we've got!



David Rice - 4-H Center Programs Facilitator

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David joined the ExCEL team in the summer of 2023. David graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Biology from Arkansas Tech University. In college years, David worked as an Intern with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Fisheries and Wildlife Biologists, and later worked for The Nature Conservancy. Sharing and creating new experiences with people in the great outdoors is what and where David has always loved to be. David has spent much of his life both recreationally and professionally outdoors settings in Arkansas and out West. David and his wife, Micah, are excited to be working and raising their children right here in the community where they both grew up.



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Corbin Huffstutter - 4-H Center Programs Facilitator

In August 2023, Corbin became a part of the 4-H Programs team, contributing significantly to the Arkansas Outdoor School programming and lending support to various initiatives such as Summer Camp and ExCEL. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science Disorders with a minor in Missions from Harding University, Corbin's passions extend to traveling, music, and the great outdoors. With a commitment to fostering positivity, a team-oriented approach, and an energetic spirit, Corbin endeavors each day to infuse the 4-H Center Programs with enthusiasm and cohesion.



Kailey Stallmann - 4-H Center Programs Facilitator

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In August 2023, Kailey brought her passion for youth work to our team, rooted in a childhood spent camping by Arkansas's lakes. Kailey is pursuing her bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies at University of Arkansas Little Rock. Her love for the outdoors, nurtured during those formative years, now extends to joyful hikes with her husband Hunter and their three dogs—Banks, Basic, and ESPN—at various State Parks. Kailey's vibrant energy and positive spirit enrich our program, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.




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Phyllis Scurlock - Administrative Specialist

Phyllis joined Extension in 2015 and began working with programs in 2017. Her experiences range from commercial insurance agent to claims management to surety bond manager. Phyllis has an eye for efficiency, a spirit-lifting positivity, and a compassion for her team and the clients she works with. 





Jennifer Pruitt - Administrative Specialist4H Logo

Jennifer joined Extension as the Administrative Specialist III for Saline County Office in 2016, but left to assist with the expansion of their family business. In October 2022, Jennifer returned to work part-time in the 4-H Programs Office, and then transitioned to full-time work in November 2022. Jennifer cherishes the camaraderie that working with the 4-H Center program staff brings!



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