WHEP Practice Resources


1. Wildlife Identification



Cornell Lab of Ornithology video series

Waterfowl: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

All About Birds website

Urban species (links to each bird):
Wetland species (links to each bird):
Mississippi Alluvial Plain species:

Find these at the All About Birds website.


Skulls, pelts & eggs PDF

Scat & tracks PDF


big brown bat


eastern gray squirrel


white-tailed deer


American beaver

common muskrat



river otter

Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish


Herps and Fishes video by Lori Monday, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (2021)

Herps of Arkansas website:

American bullfrog

crawfish frog

eastern snapping turtle

tiger salamander


largemouth bass

2. Wildlife Foods and Concepts

Ecological Principles Activities, Senior level, Environmental Education for teachers in Wisconsin

3. Interpreting Satellite Imagery

How to Interpret a Satellite Image, NASA website

4. Wildlife Habitat Management Practices

Native Plants and Pollinators video by Virginia McDaniel, U.S. Forest Service (2021)

Wildlife Habitat Management for Arkansas Landowners (PDF) by University of Arkansas Extension

5. Writing a Wildlife Management Plan

Wildlife Management Plan Help Sheet

Scenarios for past Wildlife Management Plans in Arkansas. Change the species and use these to practice for the contest. 

Scenario #1

Scenario #2

Scenario #3

Scenario #4


Additional Resources


Wildlife Identification Kits

Educational wildlife kits are available on loan to County 4-H agents. Soon kits with furs and skulls will be available at the statewide 4-H resource hubs. Until these become available, these kits and plus other resources are available through the state office. Other kits include (1) plastic tracks, scat, & egg replicas, (2) plastic molds to make plaster casts of tracks, and (3) a set of 10 binoculars for birdwatching. Kits are picked up from Forest Resources in the Extension state office (Little Rock). From January - April, the wildlife kits with WHEP study materials need to be returned within two weeks when in high demand. County agents are responsible for reserving and returning neatly-organized kits.

To reserve kits, email Becky McPeake, RMcPeake@uada.edu.

For Sale Publications

Wildlife Science Curriculum & WHEP resources (Purdue Extension's The Education Store)

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