Be a 4-H Volunteer Leader!

Volunteers are the only way that 4-H can reach youth throughout Arkansas.  Our 4-H volunteers bring a diverse set of skills to youth that one person alone cannot bring.  Volunteer talents and skills contribute to a rounded 4-H learning experience for all members.  Just a few of the benefits of being an Arkansas Volunteer Leader are:

  • Volunteers develop knowledge and skills in the areas of child and youth development, organizational planning, and personal and group management.
  • Volunteers can watch the development of 4-H members into leaders.
  • Volunteers can know they have given help to others and to their own families.
  • Volunteers get to meet new people and work with outstanding 4-H members and adults.

  • Explain volunteer roles.
  • Identify training needed by volunteer.
  • Plan and coordinate training sessions to include workshops and other group meetings.
  • Provide 4-H project materials for 4-H’ers.
  • Provide 4-H club meeting ideas.
  • Involve volunteers in planning and conducting county 4-H contests.
  • Keep volunteers informed of 4-H programs and activities at local, county, district, state, and national levels.
  • Keep communication lines open.
  • Provide appropriate recognition.

  • Turn in regular 4-H club reports and members’ enrollment information to county extension office
  • Keep agent informed of club activities.
  • Support county-wide activities.
  • Be flexible.
  • Attend leader training meetings.
  • Make requests for information and materials well in advance of program.
  • Show fairness during competition between 4-H members and other clubs’ 4-H members.
  • Avoid creating jealousy and unnecessary competition between 4-H clubs and members. Let agents know your needs for training.
  • Let agents know your needs for training.

Types of 4-H Volunteers

Volunteers are those special persons who work on behalf of the 4-H program at the county level without paid compensation for their help.  Direct volunteers are those adults that work closely with youth.  They have “direct” contact with youth at club meetings, county activities, and events.  Indirect volunteers handle the behind-the-scenes work that is critical to supporting a 4-H program.  These volunteers aid in judging, fund raising, serving on advisory committees, or the donating of money and supplies.  Both types of volunteers are critical to keeping a 4-H program functioning the best that they can. 

  • Generate and guide club officers
  • Guide club program development
  • Coordinate club calendar
  • Coordinate “leadership" team

  • Guide project selection process
  • Establish and teach project groups
  • Apply project/demonstration learning methods
  • Identify/recruit necessary resource/support volunteers

  • Coordinate club activities
  • Work closely with organizational/project leaders to enhance club/project meetings and activities
  • Identify/recruit necessary resource/support volunteers

  • Know the record keeping process.
  • Train 4-H members, parents, and project leaders in record keeping procedures.
  • Cooperates with other team members to establish record keeping as part of the 4-H club program.

  • Club/project group program development
  • Activity planning, doing, and reviewing
  • Projects/demonstration guidance
  • Work to complement organization/project activity/records leaders

  • Support the club program in predefined jobs
  • Work closely with other “leadership team” members to accomplish appropriate meetings or activity goals
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