Parental Involvement

When interested parents participate in 4-H, the members benefit from their support and encouragement.  When the parents know about 4-H and the activities and events available to the members, they can help their children participate.  Informed parents can help members attend club meetings, workshops, keep records, prepare for competition, and prepare for leadership roles in club programs.

How do I enroll my child and register for events?

All Arkansas 4-H youth members must register in the 4-H Enrollment and Events system. You can register here for 4-H events. 

Review the help resources below for more assistance.

Family and Member Enrollment

Add a Family Member

Registering for an Event

Do you need to register as a 4-H Parent?

The only time that 4-H parents are required to register with Arkansas 4-H is when they take on volunteer roles.  This includes being a club leader or a chaperone.

How can Parents be involved

The best way to keep parents involved is to keep parents informed of happenings in both local and state level 4-H.  Just a few of the ways that 4-H Parents can help are that they:

  • Can register their youth in the 4-H Enrollment and Events system.
  • Can help communicate the time, place, and topic of the 4-H meetings.
  • Can provide meeting space for 4-H activities.
  • Can provide refreshments.
  • Can organize carpools for transportation to and from meetings.
  • Can help call for last minute changes in meetings.
  • Can encourage their youth to start and complete projects.
  • Can encourage their youth to participate in competitions, events, and special projects.
  • Can encourage youth to attend all meetings.
  • Can financially help clubs and youth.
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